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  • Johanna Nordblad


The skill of breath holding is important in many sports, such as surfing, kayaking and diving - but also running and mountaineering.

Respiratory arrest (holding your breath) strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system increasing endurance and carbon tolerance and additionally activates the body's own production of the Epo hormone.

For water-sport enthusiasts, the ability to hold breath is a safety issue.

Understanding your own limits and knowing how to hold your breath will help you keep calm if you become unexpectedly submerged under water.

This app teaches you how to breathe properly and how to hold your breath for longer. It also teaches calming the mind. The relaxation and mind control techniques learned in the app are useful for all aspects of life.

The mind, body and emotions form a whole.

Physical senses are always perceived as physical and mental experiences, and these give rise to thoughts. Depending on the person and situation, these thoughts are controllable.

Our own thoughts can make us either calm down or act. How we react to different feelings can either reinforce the feelings or alleviate them.

How does the apps tasks work?

The app has a variety of courses to suit both beginners and advanced users. You will get the best results when you start from the first course and do the exercises regularly every day.

Each day has its own clear tasks, during which one can become accustomed to one’s own sensations.

It is recommended to do the exercises with the sound turned on. This will help you focus fully on the exercise. The sounds in the training videos guide the exercise and you will soon learn to distinguish their meanings.

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